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Sefer Tehilim (Katan-Ivrit-Muzhav)

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The Book of Psalms

Small - Hebrew - Gold Embossed

King David's Psalms come alive through the rich illustrations of renowned Judaica artist Raphael Abbecasis. Just as the Psalms are divided into the seven days of the week, so too the illustrations portray the Seven Days of Creation. Included at the end of book are 32 prayers and rituals for all matters and needs.

Written by King David, Israel's composer of hymns, the Book of Psalms contains 150 songs of praise, thanks, prayer and supplication, and a deep longing to be close to G-d. Throughout the generations the Jewish people have been reciting Psalms each and every day, weekdays, holidays, in times of joy, and times of trouble. These songs have carried the Jewish people, lifting them to spiritual heights, infusing them with love and faith, and have raised their prayers to the Holy One Blessed be He. Thus they have merited to be found in every Jewish prayer book.

Specially included are 32 prayers some for the individual, such as for health, success, marriage and livelihood and some for the nation, such as prayers for the IDF and the People of Israel.

Illustrations by renowned Judaica artist Raphael Abbecassis beautifully intertwine the Book of Psalms with the Creation of the world, and the 10 declarations of creation with the 10 melodies with which we recite the Psalms, bringing them to life.

Size: 6.9 in. x 4.7 in.
Language: Hebrew
Cover: Hard, Gold Embossed
274 Color Pages
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