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Sefer Tehilim (Reva-Ivrit-Muzhav)

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The Book of Psalms

Pocket Size - Gold Embossed

King David's Psalms come alive through the rich illustrations of renowned Judaica artist Raphael Abbecasis. Just as the psalms are divided into the seven days of the week, so too the illustrations portray the Seven Days of Creation. Included at the end of book are 32 prayers and rituals for all matters and needs: Prayer for Opening the Gates of Heaven and Accepting all Prayers, Prayer for Livelihood, Prayer for Wealth and Success, Prayer Before Engaging in Business, Prayer for Health and Success, Prayer for the Sick, Prayer to Find a Wife, Prayer to Find a Husband, Prayer to be Blessed with Children, Prayer for a Son at the Graves of the Righteous, Prayer for a Woman During Pregnancy, Prayer for a Woman Giving Birth, Prayer for Woman in Difficult Labor, Prayer for Peace in the Home, A Wife's Prayer for her Husband, Prayer for Success in a Judgment and for a Good Verdict, Prayer for Guarding One's Tongue, Prayer for Long Life, Prayers at the Graves of the Righteous, Wayfarer's Prayer, Prayer for One Traveling by Airplane, Prayer Against the Evil Eye, Prayer for Time of War, Prayer Before Going out to Battle, Prayer for Peace in Israel, Prayer for the Government, Prayer for the Kidnapped and Missing, Misheberach for IDF Soldiers, Rememberance for Fallen IDF Soldiers, The Letter of the Ramban, and Shema Yisrael.

Size: 4.7 in. x 3.5 in.
Language: Hebrew
Cover: Hard, Gold Embossed
274 Color Pages
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