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Sidur Ahavat Olam (Eidut Mizrach-Gadol-Krichat Or)

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The Complete "Ahavat Olam" Siddur

Sephardic tradition - Large - Leatherette

The Complete "Ahavat Olam" Siddur includes all prayers for weekdays, Shacharit, Mincha and Arvit, Counting of the Omer, Sanctification of the New Moon, Shema, Tikun Chatzot, Candle lighting, Song of Songs, the Shabbat prayers, prayers of Rosh Chodesh, Festival prayers, prayers for Hanukkah, Prayers for Purim, the month of Nisan, Grace after meals, Wedding ceremony, Circumcision, Redemption of the Firstborn, Zeved Ha-Bat, Order of Blessings, Blessing of the Sun, Amelioration of a Dream, Funeral services, Wayfarer's prayer, Separation of Tithes, Acceptance of Justice, Graveside prayers, Prayers for Fast days, Ethics of the Fathers, The Day of Remembrance, Prayers for Independence Day and Jerusalem Day, Prayer for IDF soldiers, Parshat Haman and Torah readings.

Title page design by renowned artist Raphael Abecassis.

Size: 7.1 x 5.1 in
Language: Hebrew
Cover: Hard, Leatherette
Pages: 832
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