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Chanukah & Passover on Planet Matzah Ball (2 DVD) - UPC#: 73713805442-0

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ISBN #: 9781560867494
UPC #: 737138054420
Millions of miles away, on a giant Matzah Ball in outer space, live a family of funny, furry aliens who just happen to be Jewish. Sadly, most Jewish traditions on Planet Matzah Ball have been lost.

One day, a menorah traveling through space crash lands on Planet Matzah Ball. The furry Jewish aliens donít know what to make of it. What is a menorah for - and what are all those little holes for? Crayons? Toothbrushes?

Oogy, the alien familyís 9 year-old, determined to solve the mystery of the menorah, looks through his super powered telescope and discovers four children having a Chanukah party in Cleveland, Ohio. As he watches them, a clever, informative story unfolds.

A highly imaginative Chanukah tale whose puppets, animation, and music bring to life the wonderful traditions of the holiday, CHANUKAH ON PLANET MATZAH BALL deserves a place in every home.

DVD features include interactive menu, song-select-and-play, karaoke, and parent and teacher guide. Look for the companion video "The Seder on Planet Matzah Ball"
(Puppets and Animation, 2003)

Recommended Age: 4-10

40 min. * Color * English * USA

WINNER: Telly Award Cine Golden Eagle
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