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VAR. - Songs of Shalom Hanoch - UPC#: 73713841992-2

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This anthology of Shalom Hanoch gives a fine overwiew of his career. 1969-1976 feature his best loved tracks from the period such as "Take Yourself a Wife (and build her a house)" and "Its So Good You Came Home." Volumes 2 and 3 showcase Hanoch's unique writing style which focuses on the beauties of everyday life. Booklets include lyrics in Hebrew.RERELEASE DISC. 3 remastered CDs from the "Poets" series, covering Shalom Hanoch's musical career beginning in the ‘60s. A grand opus of almost 50 representative songs culled together by Hanoch's loyal friends and following. As they wrote -- “It's easy to pick from Hanoch's body of work because it's huge -- but that also makes it so difficult. Some of his most frequent artists are Arik Einstein, Oshik Levi, Josie Katz, Gary Eckstein, Yehudit Ravitz and more. All the Hebrew lyrics are in the three booklets enclosed.
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