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This DVD includes two films, one is Nazi Medicine which studies the step-by-step process that led the German medical profession down an unethical road to genocide. It graphically documents the racial theories and eugenics principles that set the stage for the doctors' participation in sterilization and euthanasia, the selections at the death camps, as well as bizarre inhuman and unethical human experimentation.
The second film is The Cross and the Star and is about Jews, Christians, and the Holocaust. This movie finds disheartening echoes of anti-Semitism in the otherwise profound, lyrical Gospel of St. John, the sermons of St. Augustine, the writings of Martin Luther and in the voices of the Crusaders and the Spanish Inquisitors - all of which may have helped sow the ideological seeds that developed into Nazism. (Documentary, 1997)

Directed by: John J. Michalczyk

Nazi Medicine: 54 min. * Black & White* English

The Cross and the Star: 55 min. * Color * English
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