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Skipper Trilogy 3-Set (DVD) - UPC#: 73713813601-0

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ISBN #: 1-56086-650-0
UPC #: 737138136010
3-DVD Set. SKIPPER is a heartwarming adventure trilogy full of Mediterranean flavor and style. Chico (Yehuda Barkan), skipper of a sightseeing boat, and his son, Ben (Ben Tzion), are in a constant struggle to stay together despite all odds. A classic saga about love of family and country, the SKIPPER TRILOGY is finally available on DVD.

Vol 1- Chaos breaks out when ben's mother returns with her millionaire husband and begins a painful custody battle. Can Chico keep his son?

Vol 2- No way will the government take Chico's son away! While Chico finds a quick fix by escaping to Greece, his son has a better plan in the making.

Vol 3- Ben's plans are working: he has a new mother, and most important, Chico's life is back on a happy track; but trouble looms when his ex's millionaire husband shows up again.

DVD Features: Subtitle control, Behind the Scenes, Photo Album, Trailer, Insert

Directed by: Jacob Goldwasser, Avi Cohen, and Ayelet Menachemi
Starring: Yehuda Barkan, Ben-Tzion, Alona Kimchi, Keren Mor, Gita Luka, Irit Sheleg, Geula Noni, Heli Goldenberg, Zare Vartanian, Yigal Adika, Uri Shamir, Rolf Brin, Arieh Elias, Miriam Gavrieli, Yehuda Efroni and Children Ben Tzion and Ilana Berkovitz

259 min. * Color * Hebrew with English subtitles
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