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A fascinating film about anIsraeli soldier with tickets to the World Cup captured by a PLO troop whose leader has a passion for soccer. Funny, moving and violent. (Drama)

Directed by: Eran Riklis
Starring: Moshe Ivgi, Muhammed Bacri, Suheil Haddad, Salim Dau, Basam Zuamut, Yusuf Abu Wards, Gasan Abbassm Johny Arbidm Sanu Sanurm and Sharon Alexander

"A splendid film with extraordinary acting."- New York Times

"Powerful and exhilarating!"- Washington Post

"Like Fuller, Coppola and Kubrick, Riklis brings home the surreality of war." --Village Voice

"*** 1/2! A riveting film, immensely entertaining and frequently comic"--New York Daily News

"Powerful and exhilarating"--Washington Post

"Explosive! ..Flat out one of the finest Israeli films ever made - and one of world cinema's most effective anti-war pictures"--Los Angeles Times

107 min. * Color * English
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