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Hill Halfon Doesn't Answer (DVD) - UPC#: 73713804232-8

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A wild comedy about three reservists in the Israeli army committed to serving but unable to stay out of trouble, Hill Halfon is military life as you've never seen it! Set in the Sinai Desert, on the border of Israel and Egypt, this riotous tale of mischief and mishaps features Israel's top comedy trio Hagashash (Poli, Shaika and Gavri), plus Tuvia Tzafir and many other acclaimed Israeli comedy stars. A fast-moving, fun-filled adventure for audiences of all ages, Hill Halfon explodes with laughter! (Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona, 1976, Comedy)

Directed by: Asi Dayan
Starring: Hagashash Trio, Tuvia Zafir

92 min. * Color * Hebrew with English Subtitles * Israel
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