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ISBN #: 9781593758837
UPC #: 783421269194
In 1942 Nazi soldiers rounded up the Jews living in a shtetl, a small village, in Bransk, Poland, and had them transported to a nearby train station. Within twenty-four hours, 2,500 Jews from Bransk died in Treblinka's gas chambers. Their shtetl died with them.

SHTETL, a 3-hour quest to uncover the true story of Jewish life in Bransk, before and after the war, is the result of filmmaker Marian Marzyncki's long search for answers to questions about whether the townspeople were saviors or betrayers.

As Jews and Christians share pictures and stories, a haunting account of the tragedy emerges. Today in Bransk there are no Jews, and many residents choose to forget, but interviews in America with immigrants from Bransk create a vivid portrait of a lost community and many questions of responsibility.

An unusual and important film, SHTETL is a universal tale of good and evil.

"A provocative intellectual journey"--USA TODAY

Bonus Features: About the filmmaker; Access to Frontline website; Closed Captions

V726 DV; 3 hours; full screen
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