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A delightful comedy about the remarkable Epstein brothers, legends of Klezmer, who are now on the comeback trail. A tickle in the heart captures the past, present, and future of theze klezmer musical legends. This is a cinematic party with three of the funniest men in the business. The Epsteins are natural performers, and their sense of life, music, and family as they tour through places they love- from Poland to Brooklyn to Florida- is as life affirming and intoxicating as the joyous music they play.

Directed by: Stefan Schwietart
Starring: Max Epstein, Julie Epstein, and Willie Epstein

"One from the heart… Filmmaking of unusual visual riches… a hearty helping of some of the world's liveliest and most poignant folk music."
--Lawrence Van Gelder, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Completely charming"--Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"**** Wisely observes the contemporary American Jewish experience."--Steven Rosen, DENVER POST"***1/2 Extraordinary. Irresistible music… Irresistibly earthy personalities."--Michael Medved, NEW YORK POST

84 min. * Color * English
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