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Circus Palestina (DVD) - UPC#: 73713808062-7

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ISBN #: 1-56086-284-X
UPC #: 737138080627
Once upon a time (and this really happened) a small circus troupe from Eastern Europe came to the Holy Land. Touring the country, they decided to make a stop at a tiny village on the edge of the West Bank to perform with their circus. On the circus's opening night, Schweik, the lion, runs away, just moments before he is scheduled to appear.This creates a multicultural search party to find him, and a simple mission that turns into a comedy of errors. (Kirkas Palestina, 1998, Comedy)

Directed by: Eyal Halfon
Starring: Yoram Hatav, Evgenia Dudina, Amos Lavi

Winner: 5 Academy Awards in Israel including Best Film

90 min. * Color * Hebrew, Russian, English, and Arabic with English Subtitles * Israel
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