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Noa at Seventeen (DVD) - UPC#: 73713809612-3

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ISBN #: 1-56086-293-9
UPC #: 737138096123
Noa at 17 projects the tension of Israeli society in the early 1950s and unfolds against the background of the ideological changes of the era. The film's central character, Noa, is the daughter of a family caught up in this process. An individualist who challenges the collective ethos of her comrades in the Zionist youth movement, Noa struggles to preserve her independent identity. Praising individualism while examining its limits "Noa at 17" is a powerful and provocative experience. (No'a Bat 17, 182, Drama)

Directed by: Yitzhak (Zepel) Yeshurun
Starring: Moshe Havazelet, Adi Ne'eman, Osnat Ofer, Shmuel Shiloh, Idit Tzur, and Dalia Shimko As Noa

Israel's most requested classic

"Head and shoulders above other kibbutz-life films..." --All Movie Guide

86 min. * Color * Hebrew with English Subtitles * Israel

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