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Comrade (DVD) - UPC#: 73713809922-3

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ISBN #: 1-56086-532-6
UPC #: 737138099223
A riveting drama about a young teen who searches for a long-lost sister and finds the last communist (Assi Dayan), a man willing to fight for his beliefs. Dayan won an Israeli Academy Award for his work here. (Bekarov Yikreh Lecha Mashehu Tov, 2004, Drama).

Directed by: Eyal Shiray
Starring: Asi Dayan, Adam Hirsch, Tinkerbelle, Yair (Koya) Rubin, Yuval Samo, Eyal Rosales, Shraga Harpaz, and Eliran Caspi

WINNER: ISRAELI ACADEMY AWARD-Best Supporting Actor (Asi Dayan)
8 NOMINATIONS: ISRAELI ACADEMY AWARDS-Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress

73 min. * Color * Hebrew with English Subtitles * Israel
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