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Dangerous Acts (DVD) - UPC#: 73713809962-9

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ISBN #: 1-56086-571-7
UPC #: 737138099629
A tormented ex-convict seeks forgiveness from the woman whose family he killed in this multi-award winning psychological thriller. Beautiful actress Zvia (Gila Almagor) loses her entire family when a truck goes out of control. Three years later, the truck's driver, Israel (Moshe Ivgy), is free from jail, but not from his own guilt. He shows up at Zvia's doorstep begging forgiveness. Zvia refuses.Israel refuses to give up. Thus, the curtain rises on Zvia's role of a lifetime-a dark melodrama that takes place far from the stage's spotlights. The intensifying clash between Israel and Zvia is interwoven with scenes from Zvia's onstage musical. Powerful songs from the bloody and macabre show heighten the unexpected twists and turns of the real-life drama. (Mesukenet, 1999, Drama)

Directed by: Shemi Zarhin
Starring: Gila Almagor, Moshe Ivgi, Nathan Datner, Yuval Zamir and Sarit Vino Elad

97min. * Color * Hebrew with English Subtitles * Israel

WINNER of 7 Israeli Academy Awards

*** "Fascinating! Shemi Zarhin maintains a delicate balance" Video Librarian
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