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New Shalom Sesame #5: Mitzvah on the Street

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ISBN #: 1-56086-705-1
UPC #: 737138132517
When a storm makes a mess of the neighborhood, everyone lends a helping hand. In the meantime, Grover is invited to a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Come join Matisyahu and Oofnik as they beat box the Hava Nagila.

Family Tip: Be One of a “Kind”! Think of what kind things you can do as a family to make the world a better place. Make a kindness chart for your refrigerator with a column for each member of the family. For an entire week, fill in the chart by writing down the kind acts you do for each other or for others. See if you can do even more the following week!

Recommended age: 3-8

episode: 33 min * & Extras: 22 min * Color * English * USA

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