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Bishul Le-Pesach-Ruth Keenan - DANACODE #: 10-540076

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Cooking for Passover / Ruth Keenan

Passover rolls? Yes, and pies, savory pastries and cakes. Cooking forPassover offers a rich selection of recipes for the seder and the festival days.You will find you can eat great on Passover. Among other things you will find inthe book traditional recipes such as knaidlach and charoset, kosher for Passoverpies, burgers and schnitzels, Passover noodles made from potato flour, as wellas new recipes such as sandwiches, matzo fried,salad and matzah, baked hotchocolate and cookies, almonds or sesame seeds - Recipes original, tasty andeasy to prepare. Guaranteed success even to those who are making their firststeps in preparing the holiday delicacies.

Ruth Keenan is a journalist as well as an author and editor of cookingmagazines and manuals.

B-009-4007 Bishul Le-Pesach (Cooking for Passover) Published by Keter Books In the original Hebrew Soft cover 156 pages Book size: 10.5" x 8.25"
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