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Mi Ohev et ha-Shabbat - Manor Ehud - DANACODE #: 42-1001811

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What was missing in the world? Rest. The Sabbath came and with it came rest" (Rashi, on Genesis 2,2) Ehud Manor's well-known song "Who Loves The Sabbath?" expresses the great love families have for Shabbat. The song distinguishes between the days of the week that are filled with work and studies, errands and everyday tasks and the Sabbath, a weekly rest-stop that enables us to take a break from our rushed routines, spend time with family and friends and rejoice together.

B-138-1811 Mi Ohev et ha-Shabbat (Who Loves the Sabbath?) Published by Kineret Publishers In the original Hebrew. Hard cover - 22 pages - Book size: 8.5" x 9.5"
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