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Hafarferet be-Mahteret - Morag, Ora - DANACODE #: 362-4793

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During the days of the British Mandate the Jewish settlement in Israel strove for independence, and the Underground operated secretly to eliminate the foreign rule of the country. The extremists of Etzel prepare a bold move: an explosion in Jerusalem's King David Hotel, the seat of British rule. 20 young Etzel boys are called in urgently. The operation, planned for months, is ready to go, and the tension in the room is soaring. As practiced many times before, everyone is given arms and Arab costumes, but no one notices the Deputy Commander of the operation, who quietly retreats to the exit door. Why is he so determined to leave the room, and where is he going? Will Etzel succeed in blasting the highly fortified hotel?

Mole Under Cover is part of the successful series of historical thrillers by Ora Morag that sheds light on key events in the history of the pre-State Jewish settlement in Israel.

B-965-4793 Hafarferet be-Mahteret (Mole Under Cover) Published by Yediot-Hemed Books In the original Hebrew Soft cover 317 pages Book size: 8.25" x 5.25"
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