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Eyes Wide Open (DVD) - UPC#: 73713808632-2

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ISBN #: 1-56086-738-8
UPC #: 737138086322
A film by Paula Weiman-Kelman and Jonathan Lopatin

Once you visit Israel, everything looks different

A must-see for anyone deeply moved by their trip to Israel, this documentary captures the powerful reactions of travelers to the holy land. “What does Israel mean to you?” asks documentary filmmaker Paula Weiman-Kelman as she follows American Jews—in synagogues, airports, ancient landmarks and modern war zones—to reveal their feelings in their first-time or frequent visits to this beautiful, enigmatic country.

"A groundbreaking attempt to capture the changing feelings of American Jews to Israel using an up-front and personal approach, the film is an emotionally moving and thought provoking exploration of this unique, sometimes ambivalent, but always passionate relationship."--San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

"Shows the complex relationships many American Jews have with Israel, their dismay at some of its policies as well as their support for its flourishing."--Carolyn Slutsky, thejewishweek.com


Detroit Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2010
Tel Aviv Cinematheque
American Film Institute, Washington, USA, 2008
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008
Jerusalem Cinematheque, Israel, 2008, and more

60 min. -- English and Hebrew with English subtitles
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