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Cats School (Audio Book - CDs) - Gila Hemda

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ISBN #: '9781560868675
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In Cat's School we find out about "Shunra" ("cat" in Aramaic), a school where cats learn how to deal with life appropriately, to sing in the yowling choir and catch a mouse by the tail. We are introduced to the love story of Kishkush and Tula, Gingi, Adina and Madam Titula. But when Pushti and Kishta’s gang threaten the peace, all the cats, led by school manager Chatulay and his faithful assistant, Shuka, gather together to defend their school.

Hemda and her son Sagi are "catologists" who decided to write this book because they couldn’t stop wondering what would happen if cats could talk. Cats' School is Hemda Gila’s third book. The Audio book version of Cats' School includes magnificent music and sound effects.

Unabridged / Children
3 hours : 8 minutes * Language: Hebrew * Imported
Book published: 2009 by Orion Publishing
3-CD Set in Library Case
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