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My Unknown Lover (Audio Book - MP3) - Goldberg Hana

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ISBN #: '9781560869924
UPC #: 9781560869924

A random error in a phone number leads Rachel to a strange conversation with an extraordinary man, who she believes is the man she has been waiting for these thirty years, in this beautiful, sensuous new book.

Rachel and her friend Leah, both daughters of Holocaust survivors, had taken different paths. Leah met a nice guy and built a family while Rachel was always looking for the one and only. Which one is right? Is "wrong number" the man Rachel is truly looking for?

Hana Goldberg, writer, poet, lyricist, created a book that is original, surprising and bold using her unique, rhythmic language known to us from her poetry. My Unknown Lover was starred for many weeks on the bestseller list.

אהובי הלא ידוע מאת חנה גולדברג
אהובי הלא ידוע של חנה גולדברג הוא רומן יפהפה וחושני על החיפוש אחר אהבת אמת

Unabridged / Fiction - Romance
6 hours : 22 minutes * Language: Hebrew * Imported
Book published: 2012 by Keter Publishing
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