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2048 (Hebrew) - Pasig, Prof. David

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ISBN #: 9789655451146

Whydo countries fight one another? What makes leaders decide to embark on war orsign a peace treaty? What induces parents to send their children into battle?What is the main factor that contributes to victory or failure in armed warfare?Many books have been written about these and other historical riddles, in thehope of understanding, even in retrospect, how and what took place. However, fewhave attempted to project their implications into the future. With great courageand in language accessible to all, Prof. Passig examines the global conflictsthat lie ahead in the first half of the 21st century, to identify the eventsthat will take place in the Middle East around the year 2050.

Prof.David Passig is a futurist, lecturer and consultant who specializes in futuretechnologies and their impact on economic, social and educational systems. Heholds a Ph.D. degree in Future Studies from the University of Minnesota,Minneapolis United States. Prof. Passig is a faculty member at Bar-IlanUniversity in Ramat-Gan, Israel, where he teaches at the Graduate School ofEducation. He heads the Graduate Program in Information & CommunicationTechnologies (ICT) and the Virtual Reality Laboratory.

Prof.Passig lectures widely on social, industrial and technological aspects offutures studies and decision-making. He has consulted for many institutes andcompanies in Israel and overseas, and is chair of FutureCode Ltd., which hefounded. He is a member of the Israeli National Council for R&D and isactive in a range of other national and international forums.

Hisrecent bestseller books in Hebrew are The Future Code (2008), 2048 (2010) whichboth received the Gold Book Award and Forcognito (2012) (Yedioth AhronothPublishers).

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