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Welcome to Hebrew (3DVDs+Full size book)

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UPC #: 73713800151-6

A complete self-study course for learning Hebrew, featuring a fully transliterated textbook for English speakers and three DVD disks for self-instruction. The entire DVD course (over 3 hours of taped instruction!) is narrated by Dan Kaner and Hani Nahmias. Their narration turns learning into an ongoing enjoyable experience while helping learners absorb Hebrew more easily and improve their abilities to express and pronounce the language. Each lesson also includes a short dialogue, practiced through the video-active method: the learner converses with Dan or with Hani, taking the role of the other participant by reading the subtitles on the screen. This method helps increase learners’ confidence in speaking and reinforces their ability to express themselves in Hebrew

Cat# V015 DV * DVD 180 minutes+ Book 224 page textbook
UPC#: 73713800151-6 * ISBN#: 978-1-56086-750-0 * Origin: Imported